Indian Majlis in Danish society ( IMDS)

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Indian Majlis in Danish society
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Welcome To Indian Majlis in Danish society

Indian Majlis in Danish Society (IMDS) is a non-profit and non-political community organization. The mission of IMDS is to promote community relations in a pluralistic society through educational, cultural and welfare programs that support integration and positive contribution to the Danish society.

IMDS Calendar 2021


Updates Danish society

IMDS Upcoming Activities In 2022-2023

  • Indian History and culture.
  • Danish society working culture.
  • Job opportunities and available course details.
  • Children education and future opportunities.
  • Job seminars and CV preparation.
  • All Indian organizations meeting to share the Ideas get more knowledge about integrating into the Danish society.
  • Children Danish and English education and exchange Ideas to the knowledge about future courses.
Theme days
  • Indian food week.
  • Ladies Mehndi.
  • Sports activities.(Gents activities, ladies & children activities
  • Children activates.
  • yoga & motion
  • IT courses related to the Job market.
  • IT og technology. Information about how to use IT-tools such as Nem-ID and Digital Post. Information about IT-scams(email) and how to avoid them. Various IT courses. Courses in IT and technology there are courses such as get the most from your smartphone, Pictures & data, Safe & sensible behavior on the web and Social media etc.
  • Updated Job courses for the job seekers.
  • Health seminars and courses.
  • Courses in the field of exercise, for example Instructor in indoor fitness(motion), Nature as a training room, Exercise team game 2 and Keep the brain sharp.
  • Child nutrition food related course.
  • Personality Development Course.
  • Integrating into the Danish society

IMDS Next Upcoming Events

Independence Day (15th August 2023)

Eid Gathering 2023

Danish Independence day ( 5th June 2023)

Eid gatherings ( April 2023).

Independence Day (15th August 2023)

Danish Independence day ( 5th June 2023)

Community Eid Celebration 2023

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Сommunity that makes IMDS relevant

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